The Grand Valosian Games

Come one, Come all to the Greatest Games Arawyn will ever see!  The Grand Valosian Games is coming to Travance this summer! Competitors from around the world are invited to come and participate in the many events that are planned.  A Truce is asked to be observed between competitors. We know that this is a trying time, but we ask that you show respect to those who are only here to demonstrate their prowess of mind, body, and soul!


Some of the Events to expect!

Ultimate Discus!

Escort the Lord!

Troll Ball!

Mage Ball!



Many More!


We look forward to seeing that the true spirit of competition is honored by all those present!


The Grand Valosian Games



In a room a figure sat, reading the above parchment about the games.  As he finished he began to laugh softly,  “Play games without ME shall they?  Oh no no no! I shall send MY entrants to these games oh yes I shall.  And then it will be a real competition. To the death!  Like it should be!” As he finished he knocked over a Rook piece from a chess set to his left.  His shoulders shook with the cackling laughter that erupted from him as a faint jingling of bells could be heard coming from his cap.




The large company for the Grand Valosian Games arrived Monday morning and set to work immediately.  The proper was to be given a minor change to accommodate the games and crowds. Equipment and markers were being placed around the areas where the competitions would be held. They worked swiftly and politely, always ready to answer questions for the heroes whose town they are setting up in.