The adventurous spirit can manifest in many forms; the calling to answer a stranger’s plea for help, the longing to explore the far reachers, or the thrill of the hunt to defeat a monstrous creature.  It is this adventurous spirit that pushes the people of the world to the limits of what they know and experience, and yet, there is still more beyond that. The Gates of Passage have long since been a device that held the fascinations of many, wondering what great mysteries can be found beyond its boundary.  In recent times, part of that veil was lifted when Duke Balliol dismantled many of his own gates to make one much stronger.

Prior to the disaster during the Duke’s sentencing, he announced his nefarious purpose with the Gates, and so the Count had set the kingdom’s resources toward uncovering the secrets of their own Gates.  Now, with the Duke presumably free to return to his endeavor in Althawine, it has become a race against the clock to learn the powers hidden away by the ancient gnomes who built the devices and prevent the Duke from doing so himself.

The call was put out, seeking help from the many guilds of Kormyre, along with some other newly-made allies, to break down and transport parts from many of the Gates within the Kingdom and transport them to Travance to be reassembled.  Travance would be the staging ground for the Kingdom’s attempt to best the Duke at this race. Still hidden among the overgrowth and forgotten cellars were many pieces yearning to be rediscovered, and so the time to collect on those bounties have come.  Heroes across the kingdom are tasked with collecting on these contracts to ensure the safe transportation of the parts that will aid the kingdom and Travance in reconstructing the Gates of Passage and empowering them.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The final caravan was packed and ready to move.  There was a tremendous amount of valuable equipment aboard, some of the most important pieces integral to the Gates’ reconstruction.  Of course, with it, was sent a retinue of elite guards to ensure the arrival of the equipment safely. The caravan left with haste. Isabelle was awaiting its arrival at the Altrion Rift Gate.  A simple ride, since she was heading in that direction anyway to meet back with her previous associates, but still a welcome addition to the team protecting the precious cargo.

Into the Rift the caravan went, and for such a powerful force, the usual dangers within were of no match.  They had made good time, managing to get through a day early! When they had reached the other side, it was already dusk.  Something immediately was amiss. There were no guards present at the gate, but the doors were wide open. Something had happened here and before they could do anything, they were attacked.

Isabelle awoke in an infirmary in New Avondale alongside a few others from the caravan.  No one could identify what had attacked, as it all happened too quickly. The passing heroes that found them had only found her and the others, but the caravan was missing.  Lucky enough to sustain less injuries than some of the others, she was able to leave and bring warning to Travance.

Something had attacked the caravan and stolen vital parts to the construction of the gates and the heroes would need to get them back if they were going to succeed in their mission!