Event Highlights: July 2019

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I noticed this seems to not have happened in the past few months. Lets hear your hightlights!

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Most people have been posting their highlights on the the 'Knight Realms memes and things' facebook group for a bit now

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It started happening more and more with "Achievements" post, where people would put their characters' names and other people would decide what achievements they "unlocked." But recently there has also been a post for highlights.

Even before the achievement posts in the Meme group, it seemed like fewer and fewer people were posting on the forums anyway.

My main highlight of the event was larping with a friend who hasn't been back in two years and getting them to accidentally say something nice about themselves!

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03 Aug 2019 07:11 #4 by Vasryn Bira Skuggare (Lchangeling)
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I have two highlights.

A rp with Tyr as my character relied on him to help her find a trusted healer to restore her ears. Which lead to a wonderful meeting with Angeliana.

And a meeting with Woolsley where it was discussed and decided that I would make cupcakes for the next trip to Travance.

Oh! And there was a boat ride with Jonahs with spiders and talk of a Sand God.

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~Vasryn Bira Skuggare

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