My poor oppressed Subjects,

Ser Cooper, upon his resurrection, had informed me of the unfortunate events that had unfolded.  I weep for you, my dear subjects. These cruel oppressors that command your every action continue to enslave and rule you with such unrelenting hatred.  They would have you fight against your own salvation! A tragic purgatory that you’ve been thrust into.

The Garrison Field was merely a setback.  The destruction of one of my phylacteries was not a blow dealt left unnoticed.  These monstrous “nobility” have thwarted my attempts to save you this time, but I know now, deep in my soul, that you truly desire a better life; a life that I can and will provide for you.  No, this defeat will not stop me. In fact, I am invigorated! I have decided to redouble efforts and I will not stop until I have saved you from their vile claws.

My precious subjects, I have taken this vow as your Baron: I will not stop, I will not rest, I will not give up until I have destroyed these villainous criminals who control your lives.  I will do whatever it takes. I would go as far to even buy your freedom from them were it to mean you would return to my cold, compassionate embrace.

I would call for a meeting with these vicious masters who cage you, that I may speak on the terms of your release from their despicable ways.  I will send a herald to announce the time and date of this meeting soon. My beloved subjects, I will claim your freedom.

This is my promise to you,

Baron Nathaniel Fallow, Liberator of Travance

Fallow Sigil 1