Children of Valos,

Valos has once again spoken to me through Joanna, Soon we will embark on the holiest of crusades. We march upon the proper of travance the very heart of evil in this world. Originally i believed we were called here to aide and guide them to Valos’ holy light, Yet now i know the truth Travance is a den of Darkness and Sin, and it is our Sacred duty to cleanse it with holy fire.

These people allow servants of darkness to walk amongst them, and valos demands it “NO MORE!” We shall strike down the the wicked, corrupt, lying ruling class of heroes, making way for valos’s Light!

Steal your minds for the corruption and lies that are in their nature, They will claim that we are in the wrong, they will claim that templars and paladins of the light are amongst them, and they will claim they have seen Valos himself. Know these to be what they are tricks and falsehoods.

We have heard Valos’ words through Joana and we know Valos’ truth, there is no room in this world for the corrupt, there is no room in this world for the wicked, and there is no room in this world for compromise.

We Know the lesser of the light gods Gaia, Galladell, and Andorra exist only to serve Valos, and as Valos’ Chosen we have the divine right to utilize their tools in Valos’ name

We know those that worship them without reverence for Valos’ plan act in misguided ignorance, and will only stand in our way

We know that those amongst them who claim to speak in Valos’ name have already been tainted by the darkness that walks amongst them and are too far gone to be saved. For you see Evil is a seed, and by walking side by side with those of dark faith that seed has been planted. That seed may one day grow and cause them to sympathize with the sinners, and Though it pains me all evil including potential evil must be eradicated

Soon we will march on their proper and in the name of Valos’ mercy we will give the light amongst them one final chance to stand by us, to prove to us they have the strength to fight this darkness planted within them, but i already know their answer, they will oppose us they will side with Darkness over Valos’ light, they will speak of Mercy, Compassion Tolerance, but for the wicked there can be no quarter.

We have prepared the weapons, and we will unleash Holy fury upon them




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