Grimwyr had always been a quiet village, even when the Witchwood had grown to engulf the outskirts of town and claimed the Melentres Manorhouse.  Even still, the guard and the soldiers stationed there continued to protect the borders and citizens to their best ability. For most, the war didn’t change much about life in the village, but something was different.  Something sinister was happening in the forest.


Preparation for a great festival was underway, not unlike the ones on the other side of the rift held by the villainous usurper.  The same villain who was sending his rogues and spies to slaughter innocents near the borders of Althawine. The same villain who was attempting to bring Kormyre to ruin.  Hope was on the rise however, as Duke Balliol himself was arriving like a beacon of courage. Under his direction, Kormyre would prevail.



The Knights of Kormyre gathered in their secret hide-outs, meeting and scheming.  The Duke was the enemy and they believed in his treachery. They needed the evidence to prove their claim -- that Duke Balliol was the true traitor to Kormyre.  The same message Esstir had posted continued to pass around, “The woods hide more than you think”. His treason against the Empire was baseless, but still he spread it.


With Duke Balliol and Enzarond in town together, the forefront of authority in the Empire would be a prime target.  Now was the time to strike. Esstir would not let this crime continue, and so he pressed forward with his mission. Finally he would step out of the darkness to reveal his true identity.  Hope was on the rise, and he would stand forward like a beacon of courage. Under his direction, Grimwyr would prevail.




Ahhh Grimwry! It feels good to be situated again for the coming festivity. My older brother was a much more logical choice for your leadership, and so on I went to Loez in search of my own destiny. Little did I know how adventurous my life would become! So quickly did I climb the political ladder and soon found myself in Castle Nostrov sitting on a council of royal advisors, conducting business in the best interests of the King. Life seemed so sweet for a while. The dream however was short lived, as darkness came and the deceiver’s truth came out. When we learned of the Counts deception, I realized then, truly, why none of us had actually seen the King for several years, yet worked so tirelessly on his behalf. To think that all of these years I was merely doing the Count’s bidding and had partaken in this dark ruse. I feel so ashamed but more so used. Several of us began to realize the deceiver for what he truly was, and even worse began to discover the cold secret that enveloped the halls of the castle. The Count is controlled by the ghost of an evil Ice Dragon. Cold and uncaring, icy and manipulative, several of us wondered if the original Count still even existed in the shell of this man. 


We tolerated what we could, but when the halls began to chill and frost formed on the castle’s mirrors, the mysterious murders began.  I knew then that to survive I would have to escape the castle and flee to the west. I dare not pack much, but escaped in the dark of night. As I traveled the countryside, I saw the devastation I was blind to in earlier years; the Count’s henchmen had bled the people dry of their gold and silver to pay for his lavish holdings. Everywhere I walked I saw the destitution of the people and I fell into a deep personal despair. It was at this time that fate brought me to Duke Baliol and with that meeting of happenstance, a glimmer of hope for our people. 


This Duke cared for every man, woman, and child that was graced by his presence. His empathy brought them hope just as it did to me. He quickly saw some value in me and I found myself soon to be his personal advisor; from this I learned that his vision for Kormyre is one of true greatness! He too understood the dark and cold nature of the Count and saw him for the usurper he was, for none of us believed that he had any intention of abdicating the power of rule that he now held. We devised a strategy and a vision together and have been fighting for the good people of Kormyre ever since! 


At last, now that I am rested and preparing for our leader’s arrival, I am proud to share with you the victories we have achieved thus far and the vision of our glorious future! Duke Balliol will be joining us soon so that you can know and love the man that I have grown to admire so much; the man who will take the throne of Kormyre and bring her to the glory she deserves! Fear not citizen of Kormye, your liberation is coming…


-  Lord Chancellor Enzarond

    Advisor to Duke Balliol