War Report 03311219 - Grimwyr: Insurgency

Awaited for the arrival of the spy sent into deep cover to return through the designated location.  The agent was not alone. Several perceived enemy forces came from the gateway, but immediately surrendered.  Noted forces were resistance fighters of an organization, “Knights of Kormyre.” Insurgents provided detailed information regarding Duke Edgar Balliol as follows:

Lord Chancellor Enzarond Melentres is host to a Zar’Ilmask symbiote -- a True Warlock.  This creature, Val’Ixtal Vai, is a member of the Zar’Ilmask Council and can exist outside of the host body and scour the shadows freely within the Duke’s Territory.  Val’Ixtal Vai is now capable of mass control over forces in Duke’s Territory. Proceed with caution into enemy zones when fighting.

The source preventing scrying and teleportation within the territory of Duke Balliol has been disovered to be in a tower in Althawine.  Further investigation is required.

General Hogtooth of Gaaldron has been slain.  Remnants of his retinue have turned against Duke Balliol and intend to bring evidence of foul play to Gaaldron High Council.  This may be an advantage to the Kingdom in this war.

A book containing Lord Chancellor Enzarond’s vile research is in Kingdom hands.  Further investigation required. Found in the book was a hidden letter from a Ser Tristram de Liones.  The Stormblade Legion Commander has been slain. The letter reads as follows:

* * * * * * * * *

To the Knights of Kormyre and Count Sebastian Everest,

I would like to apologize for my final deception.  You wished me to come with you and, admittedly, I wished to go as well to greet His Excellency with you.  Sadly, such an event simply cannot come to pass. When you find this letter, I hope it is while you stand safely on Kingdom soil.  I hope you are doing so with the comfort of your companions. I’m sorry I will not be there to join you in celebration for your escape.  I suspect that I have been discovered, and I do not know when, but it is likely my execution will be soon. To act out would uncover our final move and I cannot risk your lives.  I pray your mission will be a success without me.

Since this war began, it has only ever been my hope to return home to ensure the safety of my family.  When I was stationed near Althawine, I thought I had a chance to talk sense into Edgar. He has listened to my counsel before, so there was a glimmer of hope that I could do so again.  This war was a mistake and I know now that my hope was a mistake as well.

I know now I won’t see my home of Trunrick again.  I know now I won’t see my squires grow into the fine knights I know they will become one day.  I know now that I won’t be able to visit the grave of my great uncle’s grandson in Castle Alieander.  It was a tragedy to not have known of his death for those three years. But I am at peace with all this now, because I know in my heart that you will all continue to fight on and fight for what is right.  I know in my heart you will not stop until Enzarond and the creature are slain and Edgar is brought to justice.

When you leave for the Gate tonight, I want you all to know that you’ve performed admirably.  Each and every one of you has a part to play and your dedication to the cause and each other is what will make Kormyre shine like the wondrous jewel I know it to be.

Never stop fighting for our home.

I am so proud of all of you,

Ser Tristram de Liones

Legion Commander, Stormblades

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