Reports from the Northern Front

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23 Feb 2020 17:07 - 23 Feb 2020 17:07 #1 by Aleister (Aleister)
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Gaaldron’s forces rallied when they heard word of the resistance making a plan, but received our planted information about falsified plans. Likely this will only work once, but it gave our forces the edge in aiding the resistance fighters. While the Gaaldron High Priest readied his defenses against a potential attack, we marched supplies through the unguarded lines.
We’ve successfully provided our allies with an important boost in their initial planning. With these supplies safely in their hands, we’ve given them an immediate fighting chance to overthrow the ruling class of the Empire.

From our support, the Resistance has gained a 4% advantage in favor of their victory.

Total progress stands at 4% in favor of the Resistance.

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

* * * * * * * *
-Steve Oros
Assistant Director
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