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Official written announcements, laws, lists, and other administrate of the Barony of Travance. If you cannot read, a guardsman will read it for you. (This forum may only be posted to by In-Game Nobles.)

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Reports from the Northern Fron ...
by Aleister (Aleister)
23 Feb 2020 17:07

The Dragon's Claw Inn 2469 topics

"Bring ye selves in from the night and the rain, Lord and Lady, for we in the Dragon's Claw are ready to serve thee. And welcome ye selves to the Message Board upon the wall by the hearth. Not a large thing, and we do keep it tidy by moderating it heavily, but perhaps my Lord and Lady will find something that interests thee. Have pen and parchment and the skill of words and ye can contribute if ye like, though no tellin' what response will find thee..."

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Re: Be Warned of The Syniscaper
by Kleidin (Kleidin)
10 May 2020 13:31

The Boar Tusk Inn 32 topics

A lively humble inn centered in the village of Grimwyr. The mugs are full and the music is bounding! All are bustling for the Duke's arrival to prepare for the grand feast in his Grace's honor! Come in and see what news is posted or be welcome to write some yourself!

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Lakefrost Tavern
by Grashügel (HAZMAT221)
28 Mar 2019 14:41
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